How to Refill a DX Ball

Refilling DX balls is easy, read these 3 simple steps to learn how.

DX balls are virtually indestructible; however, they may need refilling after 5/6 years if they become too soft. This is because their millet seed filling does eventually break down into smaller pieces. These step by step instructions talk you through refilling your beloved DX balls:

Step 1

Push the black or orange pip into the ball using something approximately 6mm in diameter, like a screwdriver, pen or pencil.

Step 2

Refill the ball with millet seed or a similar seed. Once the ball feels solid enough weigh it, and if necessary adjust your other DX balls, you want to ensure they are all the same weight.

Step 3

Insert a new foam plug so it is approximately 4-6mm below the surface of the ball, apply glue (good PVC contact glue or superglue) onto the foam and on the inner side of the aperture of the ball, wait for it to become tacky, then insert a replacement pip. Push it down so it’s 2-3mm below the surface of the ball. Hold it in place for 10-20 seconds. If air gets trapped under the pip it may start pushing the pip out towards the surface of the ball, if this happens to you repeat this step,

We will happily send out replacement pips and foam free of charge but unfortunately we can’t send seed & glue in the post.

If you require new pips and foam please send a stamped address envelop to:

Beard Enterprises Ltd
Town Mill
West Yorkshire

Please state the size of your DX balls (62mm, 68mm, 75mm or 85mm) and how many replacement pips and foam pieces you need.