Fire Wick Care Instructions

Looking after and using your new fire wick

Fuel Type

You should only ever soak your wick in paraffin oil (cheap, smoky, cool flame) or lamp oil (not as smoky, but more expensive and burns with a hotter flame). Do NOT use petrol.

Step by Step Instructions for Use
  1. Soak a brand new wick for at least half an hour before lighting
  2. Shake off the excess fuel
  3. Light the wick so the flame rises up in the air not towards the equipment.  Light the staff/devil/stunt stick horizontally, the torch upright and the diabolo and poi on the ground.
  4. The flame will start quite small but will quickly grow. After about a minute the flame will die a little and you can begin using your equipment.
  5. Blow out the wick after use and re-dip in the fuel. Shake off the excess and cover in a carrier bag (tied so that the wick keeps moist and doesn't dry out).
  6. Dip again just before you are wanting to re-use the wick. There is no need to let it soak this time, you can just quickly dip, shake and use.
Why is the re-dip important?

This will prolong the life of your wick. If you don't dip the wick in fuel after use, you may still have hot spots on your wick (which you can't see), these can continue to smoulder for a long time.

With proper care and use your wick should last 70+ burns.

Special Instructions for the Diabolo

Dip one end of the diabolo and then the other in the fuel - taking care not to get any fuel on the central axel. Spin off the excess fuel before lighting and light on the ground.

If you do get any fuel on the axel it may coat the string which will go up in flames. Although this does look pretty awesome it will shorten the life of the string and possibly your hands!